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Oh snap crackle pop!

So, for my personal reference and for the sake of staying out of writer's block, I am slowly going to seep myself into a schedule to write with. I need a bit of organization and using a schedule might help me out a bit.

My plan was going to have Mondays and Fridays be Poetry days. So there's something to start the week and end the week with.
Eventually, whenever I start writing fanfiction again (I was planning to in Dec. but who knows at this point), I want those to be posted on Sundays and Wednesdays? It would make more sense to me.

Speaking of fanfiction, I planned on re-writing Ice-Cream Conversations (not When Turkeys Go Flying, because Thanksgiving is tomorrow so that would be pointless, you feel me?). I actually liked my Bruce Banner x Reader but, I had more I wanted to add to make it more 'interesting', per se.

Anyway, that's all for now. 
As so eloquently put by N'SYNC,
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Hello loves! I'm a sophomore in high school studying in Fine Arts. Eventually, I plan to study into film. Whenever I get up off my couch. xD

You can check out my Tumblr. I'm normally on it.
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“He lies and so do I.”

“He can’t stop, neither can I.” - twelve word story
So, I'm back! I disappeared because I'm preparing for an Education Competition and a Pre-Law Mock Trail so I have to do priorities first. Anyway, this is a twelve word poem/story, I hope you like it.

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Pierce through my skin

Pain can never surpass this.

You lose yourself

No longer apart of your body

Pain consuming you




Till you disappear from existence

Like you have to

Screaming and crying at the top of your lungs

This is death

You feel it

See it

From an out of body perspective

The sight isn’t pretty

There’s a mess every where

must clean up the mess

I must I must I must

But the mess won’t matter to you when you are dead

Now will it?


On Sunday when I couldn’t sit
I decided to compile a list
About why I hate school
With a very clenched fist.

1, the top of my list is homework
papers making a smirk
At me, why do you exist
I don’t know how I get by with all my guesswork.

2, hallways
To those people who are always
If you don’t move over; I’ll hurt you in so many ways.

3, next are the teachers
those vile creatures
Always willing to blow their own trumpets
And then they get angry when their class is full of sleepers.

4, when it comes to tests and this is true
To actually pass, how can I pull through
I can’t stand those who cheat
But who am I kidding, I do it too.

5, to you couples, I insist
Nobody cares about that person you last kissed
Shut up!
I could go on about how much I dislike you, but you get the gist.

6, let’s be real about bathroom breaks
School staff just like to raise the stakes
To make sure you’re late
Do they realize how long going to the restroom takes?

7, can we talk about that joke called school lunch?
It’s advertised as good; which is a little too much
I worry with what goes in the food,
I think the peaches last week had a bit of a crunch.

8, whose idea was it for kids to wake up about 5 in the morning?
I get up and on my face I’m adorning
A face of indifference
Before I go to school which is boring

9, I really just hate going to class
I really don’t know how I still pass
I could elaborate on this
But there are only so many things that rhyme with class

10, finally I’m out of things to say
Well sort of, I have a list that will last for more than a day
But I’m tired and class is going to end soon
So, I’m going to end this poem, okay?

On Sunday evening when I wrote this,
There was one point I didn’t want to miss.
School is boring!
Class dismissed.
School Countdown
I hate school.

This poem is entirely sarcastic and should be taken as humorous. 

(I used this for a school project - haven't gotten a grade back but, I hope I got an A.)
UPDATE: I got a B, but it's all good!
Babied up, dressed like a doll

Anger from the lies they tell you

Never mad at them, mad at yourself

Not because you hate who you were

Everything that you are now

Reminds you of what you despise
So, this is late. Anyway, how are you all doing?
This poem is special because it's about my second favorite Avenger (after AOU, I was disappointed) but, Bruce tho~ I really should stop writing this acrostic poems but for now, I'm tired.

Too tired for this 
I have finals this week and I have a headache, goddammit. 
Happy Holidays!
Applesauce with cinnamon;

Unique leaf colors falling,

Tumbling further to the ground.

Unreal is it?

More than real,

Never doubt the Fall
It's Poetry Monday and I had to use an acrostic poem that I written earlier this month. I'm working on Friday's poem right now.

Have a good day guys!

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