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From Me to You
sometimes i am afraid to tell you that i love you
to tell you that you warm my heart
you remind me of the sun
all bright and beautiful
has anyone ever told you that?
you breathe air into my lungs
yet i lose my breath in your presence
you remind me of the clouds
oh how ethereal you are
i wish i could tell you that
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Have You Ever Felt This Type of Fear?
I’m afraid to tell you who I really am.
I’m afraid that you will judge me, no longer see me as me.
I’m afraid to spill my heart out to you in fear that everything will change.
My heart tells me not to worry, but my mind says do.
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“He lies and so do I.”
“He can’t stop, neither can I.” - twelve word story
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Mature content
Gunshot Wounds :iconbackwardsgray:BackwardsGray 1 0
School Countdown
On Sunday when I couldn’t sit
I decided to compile a list
About why I hate school
With a very clenched fist.
1, the top of my list is homework
papers making a smirk
At me, why do you exist
I don’t know how I get by with all my guesswork.
2, hallways
To those people who are always
If you don’t move over; I’ll hurt you in so many ways.
3, next are the teachers
those vile creatures
Always willing to blow their own trumpets
And then they get angry when their class is full of sleepers.
4, when it comes to tests and this is true
To actually pass, how can I pull through
I can’t stand those who cheat
But who am I kidding, I do it too.
5, to you couples, I insist
Nobody cares about that person you last kissed
Shut up!
I could go on about how much I dislike you, but you get the gist.
6, let’s be real about bathroom breaks
School staff just like to raise the stakes
To make sure you’re late
Do they realize how long going to the restroom takes?
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Babied up, dressed like a doll
Anger from the lies they tell you
Never mad at them, mad at yourself
Not because you hate who you were
Everything that you are now
Reminds you of what you despise
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Applesauce with cinnamon;
Unique leaf colors falling,
Tumbling further to the ground.
Unreal is it?
More than real,
Never doubt the Fall
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Hanging by a thread
Fear clings
to my being
I am terrified
of who i have become
i am scared
of the outcome
is this real life
or am i dreaming?
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On a shelf
Collecting dust
Slowly deteriorating
Fading away from existence
Like myself
One day
You find the shelf
Grab a book
Clean the dust
Read the title
Sit somewhere comfortable
Read yourself away
:iconbackwardsgray:BackwardsGray 4 2
I Wish
I could turn back                                          time
Rewind good memories
Prevent past wrongs
From taking place
Or look for times
To a memory of a friend
who says something funny
as the friend                                                           waits
for my reaction
what is the meaning of the term lost time?
How do you make up for it?
Does anyone know?
:iconbackwardsgray:BackwardsGray 6 2
Is the ultimate goal.
You can try all you want to be the true definition of pretty.
And you can. And you try.
In the mirror
it sees a round face, blotchy skin, uneven nose, and baby fat.
The mirror never lies, you hear.
The mirror never lies.
A game plan.
How to be perfect.
A tutorial on how to be something you will never be.
You could be better.
Engraved in your mind.
Beauty is in the eye of the beholder.
Beauty is the most important thing,
beauty is everything.
Pop a pill, down a glass, weight yourself.
Count the carbs, eat small portions, Beauty is everything mantra.
Beauty is not everything, they tell you.
But the mirror never lies.
The mirror never lies.
Must keep up the cycle.
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Arms enclosing in on another's
A forever closing gap
Inhaling the comforting scent of skin
Lean back and smile,
Look into the opposite's eyes
Finding repose in
Eye contact made
Divert to lips
A signal
Loosen your arms
Heart beat racing
Faces move closer, slowly
Lips graze each other
Crossing the border of
Lust and love
:iconbackwardsgray:BackwardsGray 2 2
It was a beautiful night for flying
To spread my wings and feel the
wind beneath my fingertips is
everything I could have asked for.
The  freedom
that comes with flying
so mind numbing
I wish I could never and
never stop.
To escape my prison, my confinement
is my only wish
as I look among the stars
and believe that I am
one of them
:iconbackwardsgray:BackwardsGray 10 17
There Are Many Things
I find                                                          pretty.
Sunshine, colorful birds,
such as flowers, butterflies,
and snowflakes.
How do you define pretty?
Where can you find them?
they  found in the crevices
of my heart?
Or the nooks in the brain?
Wherever they are
I learned that my
expectations are        
:iconbackwardsgray:BackwardsGray 2 4
Silver moon light
Unique constellations litter the sky with their beauteous
Light and
Illuminate my eyes
Vanity swallowed by the beauty given questions I
Answer them with
No hesitance
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When the Evening Calls
When the evening calls and I return home,
My eyes start to water, my mind starts to roam
When the day is over and my bones are sore
I lay in my bed and cry some more
When the evening calls and I remember the names,
Stupid, liar, weird, insane
As the clock ticks to the next hour,
My throat grows sore, my lips taste sour
When the evening calls and I continue to weep,
I continuously wonder if I'll get sleep
But my thoughts are too strong and my heart, too weary
My vision grows foggy, I can't think clearly
When the evening calls, the night is almost over
My thoughts become clear, grave, sober
My whimpers fade with silence, my tears dry with pain
I sigh as morning light leaks through the window pane
When the evening calls, morn is here
I curl into a ball, close and dear
I forget the words and pain and sorrow
As I put on a fake smile for tomorrow.
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I've been off here for awhile because of school and things. But, I'm back and ready to start doing things on here again. Did you miss me? Probably not, but the thought is nice. More poetry coming to you soon!
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